Bell System Technical Journal, v38: i4 July 1959

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
909-932Research Model for Time-Separation Integrated CommunicationVaughan, H.E.
933-967Variable-Length Binary EncodingsGilbert, E.N.; Moore, E.F.
969-984Recurrent Codes: Easily Mechanized, Burst-Correcting, Binary CodesHagelbarger, D.W.
985-999Representation of Switching Circuits by Binary-Decision ProgramsLee, C.Y.
1001-1020A Method of Coding Television Signals Based on Edge DetectionJulesz, Bela
1021-1031Equilibrium Delay Distribution for One Channel With Constant Holding Time, Poisson Input and Random ServiceBurke, Paul J.
1033-1059Evaluation of Solderless Wrapped Connections for Central Office UseElliott, S.J.
1061-1064Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal 
1065-1066Contributors to this Issue 
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