Bell System Technical Journal, v38: i2 March 1959

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
305-334The Three-Level Solid State Traveling-Wave MaserDeGrasse, R.W.; Schulz-DuBois, E.O.; Scovil, H.E.D.
335-352Use of Active Material in Three-Level Solid State MasersSchulz-DuBois, E.O.; Scovil, H.E.D.; DeGrasse, R.W.
353-364Engineering Aspects of TASIBullington, K.; Fraser, J.M.
365-401System Design of the Flying Spot StoreHoover, C.W., Jr.; Haugk, G.; Herriott, D.R.
403-424Optics and Photography in the Flying Spot StorePurvis, M.B.; Deverall, G.V.; Herriott, D.R.
425-444Beam-Positioning Servo System for the Flying Spot StoreGallaher, L.E.
445-465Stable High-Speed Digital-to-Analog Conversion for Storage Tube DeflectionAult, C.F.
467-476Verification of the Logic Structure of an Experimental Switching System on a Digital ComputerLeagus, Dolores C.; Lee, C.Y.; Mealy, George H.
477-516Nonuniformities in Laminated Transmission LinesRaisbeck, Gordon
517-536An Experimental Clogston 2 Transmission LineKing, Mrs. R.A.
537-552Fundamental Processes of the Short Arc: With Applications to Contact Erosion and Percussion WeldingSmith, J.L.; Boyle, W.S.
553-572A Method of Computing Bivariate Normal Probabilities: With an Application to Handling Errors in Testing and MeasuringOwen, D.B.; Wiesen, J.M.
573-602The Anelasticity of Natural and Synthetic Quartz at Low TemperaturesKing, J.C.
603-605Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal 
606-610Contributors to this Issue 
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