Bell System Technical Journal, v38: i1 January 1959

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-17Logic for a Digital Servo SystemKetchledge, R.W.
18H.S. Renne Is New Editor of B.S.T.J. 
19-44Logic Synthesis of Some High-Speed Digital ComparatorsNesenbergs, M.; Mowery, V.O.
45-72The Laddic - A Magnetic Device for Performing LogicGianola, U.F.; Crowley, T.H.
73-97Radio Attenuation at 11 kmc and Some Implications Affecting Relay System EngineeringHathaway, S.D.; Evans, H.W.
99-118Space-Charge Wave Excitation in Solid-Cylindrical Brillouin BeamsRigrod, W.W.; Pierce, J.R.
119-139Space-Charge Wave Harmonics and Noise Propagation in Rotating Electron BeamsRigrod, W.W.
141-176An Experimental Visual Communication SystemBecker, F.K.; Hefele, J.R.; Wintringham, W.T.
177-196The Z TransformationHelm, H.A.
197-210Radio Transmission into Buildings at 35 and 150 mcRice, L.P.
211-258On Trunks with Negative Exponential Holding Times Serving a Renewal ProcessBenes, Vaclav E.
259-269High-Frequency Gallium Arsenide Point-Contact RectifiersSharpless, W.M.
271-290Paramagnetic Spectra of Substituted Sapphires--Part I: RubySchulz-DuBois, E.O.
291-296Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrum of Cr+++ in EmeraldGeusic, J.E.; Peter, Martin; Schulz-DuBois, E.O.
297-299Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal 
300-304Contributors to this Issue 
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