Bell System Technical Journal, v35: i5 September 1956

Table of Contents
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991-1018Electronics in Telephone Switching SystemsJoel, A.E.
1019-1040Combined Measurements of Field Effect, Surface Photo-Voltage and PhotoconductivityBrattain, W.H.; Garrett, C.G.B.
1041-1058Distribution and Cross-Sections of Fast States on Germanium SurfacesGarrett, C.G.B.; Brattain, W.H.
1059-1084Transistorized Binary Pulse RegeneratorWrathall, L.R.
1085-1114Transistor Pulse Regenerative AmplifiersTendick, F.H., Jr.
1115-1128Observed 5-6 mm Attenuation for the Circular Electric Wave in Small and Medium-Sized PipesKing, A.P.
1129-1154Automatic Testing in Telephone ManufactureRobb, D.T.
1155-1178Automatic Manufacturing Testing of Relay Switching CircuitsHansen, L.D.
1179-1198Automatic Machine for Testing Capacitors and Resistance-Capacitance NetworksCole, C.C.; Shillington, H.R.
1199-1208A 60-Foot Diameter Parabolic Antenna for Propagation StudiesCrawford, A.B.; Friis, H.T.; Jakes, W.C., Jr.
1209-1221The Use of an Interference Microscope for Measurement of Extremely Thin Surface LayersBond, W.L.; Smits, F.M.
1223-1229Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal 
1230-1232Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal 
1233-1237Contributors to this Issue 
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