Bell System Technical Journal, v27: i2 April 1948

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
183-246Microwave Repeater ResearchFriis, H.T.
247-264The Measurement of Delay Distortion in Microwave RepeatersRing, D.H.
265-304Frequency Shift Telegraphy -- Radio and Wire ApplicationsDavey, J.R.; Matte, A.L.
305-349Reflections from Circular Bends in Rectangular Wave Guides -- Matrix TheoryRice, S.O.
350-364The Approximate Solution of Linear Differential EquationsGray, Marion C.; Schelkunoff, S.A.
365-371Potential Coefficients for Ground Return CircuitsWise, W. Howard
372-376Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors 
377-378Contributors to this Issue 
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