Bell System Technical Journal, v27: i1 January 1948

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-43An Experimental Multichannel Pulse Code Modulation System of Toll QualityMeacham, L.A.; Peterson, E.
44-57Electron Beam Deflection Tube for Pulse Code ModulationSears, R.W.
58-82Metallic Delay LensesKock, Winston E.
83-95A Non-reflecting Branching Filter for MicrowavesLewis, W.D.; Tillotson, L.C.
96-108A Note on Parallel-Tuned Transformer DesignRideout, V.C.
109-157Statistical Properties of a Sine Wave Plus Random NoiseRice, S.O.
158-174Noise in Resistances and Electron StreamsPierce, J.R.
175-180Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors 
181-182Contributors to this Issue 
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