Bell System Technical Journal, v26: i1 January 1947

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-30Development of Silicon Crystal Rectifiers for Microwave Radar ReceiversScaff, J.H.; Ohl, R.S.
31-79End Plate and Side Wall Currents in Circular Cylinder Cavity ResonatorKinzer, J.P.; Wilson, I.G.
80-138First and Second Order Equations for Piezoelectric Crystals Expressed in Tensor FormMason, W.P.
139-169The Biased Ideal RectifierBennett, W.R.
170-212Properties and Uses of Thermistors--Thermally Sensitive ResistorsBecker, J.A.; Green, C.B.; Pearson, G.L.
213-216Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors 
217-218Contributors to this Issue 
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