Bell System Technical Journal, v9: i3 July 1930

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
407-428Radio Telephone Service to Ships at SeaWilson, William; Espenscheid, Lloyd
429-447A General Switching Plan for Telephone Toll ServiceOsbourne, H.S.
448-469Image Transmission System for Two-Way TelevisionIves, Herbert E.; Gray, Frank; Baldwin, M.W.
470-477Synchronization System for Two-Way TelevisionStoller, H.M.
478-482Sound Transmission System for Two-Way TelevisionBlattner, D.G.; Bostwick, L.G.
483-486Transmitted Frequency Range for Telephone Message CircuitsMartin, W.H.
487-492Some Recent Developments in Long Distance Cables in the United States of AmericaClark, A.B.
493-521Phase Distortion in Telephone ApparatusLane, C.E.
522-549Measurement of Phase DistortionNyquist, H.; Brand, S.
550-566Effects of Phase Distortion on Telephone QualitySteinberg, John C.
567-594Long Distance Cable Circuit for Program TransmissionClark, A.B.; Green, C.W.
595-599Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources 
600-602Contributors to this Issue 
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