Bell System Technical Journal, v9: i2 April 1930

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
237-257Developments in Communication MaterialsFondiller, William
258-269Transoceanic Telephone Service - Short-Wave TransmissionBown, Ralph
270-289Transoceanic Telephone Service - Short-Wave EquipmentOswald, A.A.
290-324The Words and Sounds of Telephone ConversationsFrench, Norman R.; Carter, Charles W., Jr.; Koenig, Walter, Jr.
325-331The Reciprocal Energy TheoremCarson, John R.
332-340The Approximate Networks of Acoustic FiltersMason, W.P.
341-355Contemporary Advances in Physics, XX, Ionization of Gases by LightDarrow, Karl K.
356-363Motion of Telephone Wires in WindQuarles, D.A.
364-389Economic Quality Control of Manufactured ProductShewhart, W.A.
390-397Optimum Reverberation Time for AuditoriumsMacNair, Walter A.
398-403Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources 
404-405Contributors to this Issue 
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