Bell System Technical Journal, v9: i1 January 1930

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-100Telephone Communication System of the United StatesGherardi, Bancroft; Jewett, F.B.
101-120Structure and Nature of TroostiteLucas, Francis F.
121-140Radio Broadcasting Transmitters and Related Transmission PhenomenaNelson, Edward L.
141-149Wire Line Systems for National BroadcastingClark, A.B.
150-162Notes on the Heaviside Operational CalculusCarson, John R.
163-188Contemporary Advances in Physics, XIX, Fusion of Wave and Corpuscle TheoriesDarrow, Karl K.
189-206Wave Propagation Over Continuously Loaded Fine WiresZinn, M.K.
207-227Theory of Vibration of the LarynxWegel, R.L.
228-233Abstracts of Technical Articles From Bell System Sources 
234-235Contributors to This Issue 
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