Bell System Technical Journal, v7: i1 January 1928

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-10The Measurement of Acoustic Impedance and the Absorption Coefficient of Porous MaterialsWente, E.C.; Bedell, E.H.
11-25The Rigorous and Approximate Theories of Electrical Transmission Along WiresCarson, John R.
26-69Some General Results of Elementary Sampling Theory for Engineering UseCoggins, Paul P.
70-89Electrical Measurement of Communication ApparatusShackelton, W.J.; Ferguson, J.G.
90-105The Diffraction of Electrons by a Crystal of NickelDavisson, C.J.
106-139Grid Current ModulationPeterson, Eugene; Keith, Clyde R.
140-153A High Efficiency Receiver for a Horn-Type Loud Speaker of Large Power CapacityWente, E.C.; Thuras, A.L.
154-158Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal 
159-160Contributors to this Issue 
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