Bell System Technical Journal, v6: i2 April 1927

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
187-216Developments in the Manufacture of Copper WireShea, John R.; McMullan, Samuel
217-229An Analyzer for the Voice Frequency RangeMoore, C.R.; Curtis, A.S.
230-247Analyzer for Complex Electric WavesLandeen, A.G.
248-257Transatlantic Radio TelephonyBrown, Ralph
258-294A Study of the Regular Combination of Acoustic Elements, with Applications to Recurrent Acoustic Filters, Tapered Acoustic Fibers, And HornsMason, W.P.
295-366Contemporary Advances in Physics-XIII. FerromagnetismDarrow, Karl K
367-371Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal 
372-373Contributors to this Issue 
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