Bell System Technical Journal, v5: i3 July 1926

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
393-403The Power of Fundamental Speech SoundsSacia, C.F.; Beck, C.J.
404-417Extraneous Interference on Submarine Telegraph CablesGilbert, J.J.
418-432Neutralization of Telegraph CrossfireShanck, R.B.
433-462Operation of Thermionic Vacuum Tube CircuitsLlewellyn, F.B.
463-492Contemporary Advances in Physics - XI - IonizationDarrow, Karl K.
493-523Methods of High Quality Recording and Reproducing of Music and Speech Based on Telephone ResearchMaxfield, J.P.; Harrison, H.C.
524-525Abstracts of Recent Technical Papers from Bell System Sources 
526-527Contributors to this Issue 
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