Bell System Technical Journal, v5: i2 April 1926

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
221-281Development and Application of Loading for Telephone CircuitsShaw, Thomas; Fondiller, William
282-291A Static RecorderFriis, H.T.
292-307Directive Diagrams of Antenna ArraysFoster, Ronald M.
308-319Correction of Data for Errors of Averages Obtained from Small SamplesShewhart, W. A.
320-335The Alkali Metal Photoelectric CellIves, Herbert E.
336-384Electric Circuit Theory and the Operational Calculus Chapter IX, The Finite Line with Terminal ImpedancesCarson, John R.
385-389Abstracts of Recent Technical Papers from Bell System Sources 
390-391Contributors to this Issue 
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