Bell System Technical Journal, v5: i1 January 1926

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-10Joseph Henry, The American Pioneer in Electrical CommunicationGherardi, Bancroft; King, Robert W.
11-26Correction of Data for Errors of MeasurementShewhart, W. A.
27-49The Theory of the Operation of the Howling Telephone with Experimental ConfirmationFletcher, Harvey
50-95Electric Circuit Theory and the Operational Calculus Chapter VI, Propagation of Current and Voltage Along the Non-Inductive CableCarson, John R.
96-142Some Contemporary Advances in Physics-X, The Atom-Model, Third Part, A Very Brief Recapitulation of What Has Gone BeforeDarrow, Karl K.
143-213Some Studies in Radio Broadcast TransmissionBown, Ralph; Martin, DeLoss K.; Potter, Ralph K.
214-218Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal 
219-220Contributors in this Issue 
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