Bell System Technical Journal, v2: i1 January 1923

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-46Theory and Design of Uniform and Composite Electric Wave-filtersZobel, Otto J.
47-66Specializing Transportation Equipment in Order to Adapt it Most Economically to Telephone Construction and Maintenance WorkKirk, J.N.
67-94Telephone Transmission Over Long Cable CircuitsClark, A.B.
95-113Probability Curves Showing Poisson's Exponential SummationCampbell, George A.
114-121Bell System Sleet Storm MapKirk, J.N.
122-132Measurements on the Gases Evolved from Glasses of Known Chemical CompositionHarris, J.E.; Schumacher, E.E.
133Contributors to this Issue 
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