Bell System Technical Journal, v1: i2 November 1922

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-32Physical Theory of the Electric Wave-FilterCampbell, George A.
33-42The Binaural Location of Complex SoundsHartley, R.V.L.; Fry, Thornton C.
43-55The Heaviside Operational CalculusCarson, John R.
56-68The Physical Characteristics of Audition and Dynamical Analysis of the External EarWegel, R.L.
69-81The Theory of Probabilities Applied to Telephone Trunking ProblemsMolina, Edward C.
82-109The Relation Between Rents and Incomes, and the Distribution of Rental ValuesHelmle, W.C.
110-116Power Losses in Insulating MaterialsHoch, E.T.
117-141Application to Radio of Wire Transmission EngineeringEspenschied, Lloyd
142-151A Low Voltage Cathode Ray OscillographJohnson, J.B.
152-153Contributors to this Issue 
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