Bell System Technical Journal, v61: i10 December 1982

Table of Contents
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2849-2872An Overview of PANACEA, a Software Package for Analyzing Markovian Queueing NetworksRamakrishnan, K.G.; Mitra, D.
2873-2909Special-Purpose Computer for Logic Simulation Using Distributed ProcessingLevendel, Y.H.; Menon, P.R.; Patel, S.H.
2911-2916The Limit of the Blocking as Offered Load Decreases With Fixed PeakednessBurke, P.J.
2917-2927TV Bandwidth Compression Techniques Using Time-Companded Differentials and Their Applications to Satellite TransmissionsEng, K.Y.; Haskell, B.G.
2929-2946Sensitivity of Avalanche Photodetector Receivers for Long-Wavelength Optical CommunicationsSmith, R.G.; Forrest, S.R.
2947-2970Transmitting Data on the Phase of Speech SignalsWong, W.C.; Steele, R.; Xydeas, C.S.
2971-2987On the Use of Energy in LPC-Based Recognition of Isolated WordsBrown, M.K.; Rabiner, L.R.
2989-3005Isolated Word Recognition for Large VocabulariesRabiner, L.R.; Rosenberg, A.E.; Wilpon, J.G.; Keilin, W.J.
3007-3017Multitone Frequency-Hopped MFSK System for Mobile RadioTimor, Uzi
3019-3040Design of Recovery Strategies for a Fault-Tolerant No. 4 Electronic Switching SystemWillett, R.J.
3041-3045Contributors to this Issue 
3047-3049Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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