Bell System Technical Journal, v61: i9 November 1982

Table of Contents
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2129-2141Feeder Planning Methods for Digital Loop CarrierBulcha, B.; Kodrich, L.E.; Luber, D.B.; Mitchell, W.J.; Schwartz, M.A.; Woomer, F.N.
2143-2166Evaluation of Private NetworksKaufman, R.L.; Kester, A.J.M.
2167-2183A Description of the Bell Laboratories Scanned Acoustic MicroscopeSulewski, P.; Bishop, D.J.; Dynes, R.C.
2185-2219A Statistical Model of Multipath Fading on a Space-Diversity Radio ChannelRummler, W.D.
2221-2243Matrix Analysis of Mildly Nonlinear, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output Systems With MemorySaleh, A.A.M.
2245-2261Computing the Distribution of a Random Variable via Gaussian Quadrature RulesMeyers, M.H.
2263-2288A 9.6-kb/s DSP Speech CoderCrochiere, R.E.; Cox, R.V.; Johnston, J.D.; Seltzer, L.A.
2289-2312An Improved Model for Isolated Word RecognitionTribolet, J.M.; Rabiner, L.R.; Wilpon, J.G.
2313-2331A Theoretical Model of Transient Heat Transfer in a Firestopped Cable BundleGrimado, P.B.
2333-2365Planning and Conducting Field-Tracking StudiesAmster, S.J.; Brush, G.G.; Saperstein, B.
2367-2372Contributors to this Issue 
2373-2379Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
2383-2385Database Systems: Database Work at Bell LaboratoriesAho, A.V.
2387-2405Database Systems: Structure of a Database File System for the UNIX Operating SystemRochkind, M.J.
2407-2422Database Systems: Making UNIX Operating Systems Safe for DatabasesWeinberger, P.J.
2423-2437Database Systems: A Real-Time Database Management System for No. 5 ESSBarclay, D.K.; Byrne, E.R.; Ng, F.K.
2439-2458Database Systems: Database Administration System - Architecture and Design IssuesWang, C.C.; Huang, C.P.
2459-2474Database Systems: Implementation of a Distributed Database Management System to Support Logical SubnetworksCohen, D.
2475-2486Database Systems: Design of a Prototype Videotex SystemGoguen, N.H.
2487-2509Database Systems: Human Factors in a Data AccessLandauer, T.K.; Dumais, S.T.; Gomez, L.M.; Furnas, G.W.
2511-2528Database Systems: Design and Implementation of a Production Database Management System (DBM-2)Chiang, T.C.; Rose, G.R.
2529-2554Database Systems: A Directed Hypergraph Database: A Model for the Local Loop Telephone PlantGoldstein, A.J.
2555-2566Database Systems: Issues in the Design of a Distributed Record Management SystemLinderman, J.P.
2567-2596Database Systems: The Intelligent Store: A Content-Addressable Page ManagerRoome, W.D.
2597-2598Acronyms and Abbreviations 
2599-2603Contributors to this Issue 
2607-2610D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: OverviewChernak, J.; Lang, J.J.
2611-2664D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: The Channel BankCrue, C.R.; Gaunt, W.B. Jr.; Green, J.H.; Landry, J.E.; Spires, D.A.
2665-2676D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: The Maintenance BankBenjamin, R.E.; Mahn, H.H.
2677-2702D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: The SLC-96 SystemCho, Y.S.; Olson, J.W.; Williamson, D.H.
2703-2720D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: Dataport - Digital Access Through D4Aprille, T.J.; Narayanan, S.; St. Amand, P.G.; Weber, F.E.
2721-2740D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: Dataport - Channel Units for Digital Data System SubratesAprille, T.J.; Gupta, D.V.; St. Amand, P.G.
2741-2756D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: Dataport - Channel Units for Digital Data System 56-kb/s RateDunbar, B.J.; Gupta, D.V.; Horvath, M.P.; Verma, S.P.; Sheehey, R.E.
2757-2790D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: Digital Terminal Physical DesignAlbert, W.G.; Favale, A.G.; Hall, J.R.; Klockow, D.H.
2791-2813D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: Custom-Integrated Circuits for Digital TerminalsGoldstein, R.M.; Leggett, J.D.; Mowery, G.L.; Sodomsky, K.F.
2815-2834D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: Thin-Film Dual Active Filter for Pulse Code Modulation SystemsAdams, R.L.; Fisher, J.S.; Petersen, O.G.; Post, I.G.
2835-2838Acronyms and Abbreviations 
2839-2847Contributors to this Issue 
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