Bell System Technical Journal, v61: i8 October 1982

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1817-1839The Tap-Leakage Algorithm: An Algorithm for the Stable Operation of a Digitally Implemented, Fractionally Spaced Adaptive EqualizerGitlin, R.D.; Meadors, H.C. Jr.; Weinstein, S.B.
1841-1862Using Magnetic Bubble Memories to Provide Recorded AnnouncementsRowley, J.E.; Bernardini, J.
1863-1870Application of Graph Theory to the Solution of a Nonlinear Optimal Assignment ProblemMalek-Zavarei, M.
1871-1894Stochastic Theory of a Data-Handling System with Multiple SourcesAnick, D.; Mitra, D.; Sondhi, M.M.
1895-1910Spatial Subsampling in Motion-Compensated Television CodersRobbins, J.D.; Netravali, A.N.
1911-1917The Detection of Long Error Bursts During Transmission of Video SignalsJanac, K.; Sloane, N.J.A.
1919-1931Considerations for Single-Mode Fiber SystemsOgawa, K.
1933-1963Error Probability of Partial-Response Continuous-Phase Modulation with Coherent MSK-Type Receiver, Diversity, and Slow Rayleigh Fading in Gaussian NoiseSundberg, C.E.
1965-1973Comparisons on Blocking Probabilities for Regular Series Parallel Channel GraphsDu, D.Z.; Hwang, F.K.
1975-1993On The Physical Limits of Digital Optical Switching and Logic ElementsSmith, P.W.
1995-2002An Inversion Technique for the Laplace TransformJagerman, D.L.
2003-2022Approximate Mean Waiting Times in Transient GI/G/1 QueuesJagerman, D.L.
2023-2051An Analysis of the Carrier-Sense Multiple-Access ProtocolHeyman, D.P.
2053-2063Implementing and Testing New Versions of a Good, 48-Bit, Pseudo-Random Number GeneratorRoberts, C.S.
2065-2080Some Extremal Markov ChainsMazo, J.E.
2081-2107Quality Evaluation Plan Using Adaptive Kalman FilteringPhadke, M.S.
2109-2115Contributors to this Issue 
2117-2124Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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