Bell System Technical Journal, v61: i7 September 1982

Table of Contents
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1359-1365Wideband, Bidirectional Lightguide Communication With An Optically Powered Audio ChannelMiller, R.C.; DeLoach, B.C.; Stakelon, T.S.; Lawry, R.B.
1367-1388Equalization of Multimode Optical Fiber SystemsKasper, B.L.
1389-1411Frequency-Hopped Single-Sideband Modulation for Mobile RadioPrabhu, V.K.; Steele, R.
1413-1440Description of Fasnet - A Unidirectional Local-Area Communications NetworkLimb, J.O.; Flores, C.
1441-1462On The Distribution Function and Moments of Power Sums With Log-Normal ComponentsSchwartz, S.C.; Yeh, Y.S.
1463-1486Piecewise Linear Approximation of Multivariate FunctionsLee, G.S.
1487-1517A Traffic Overflow System With A Large Primary QueueMorrison, J.A.; Wright, P.E.
1519-1525Memoryless Nonlinearities With Gaussian Inputs: Elementary ResultsRowe, H.E.
1527-1550A Variation on CSMA/CD That Yields Movable TDM Slots in Integrated Voice/Data Local NetworksMaxemchuk, N.F.
1551-1554Contributors to this Issue 
1555-1564Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
1567-1572B.S.T.J. Briefs: Low-Elevation-Angle Propagation Effects on COMSTAR Satellite SignalsTitus, J.M.; Arnold, H.W.
1575-1577Stored Program Controlled Network: PrologueAndrews, F.T. Jr.; Martersteck, K.E.
1579-1588Stored Program Controlled Network: OverviewHoring, S.; Menard, J.Z.; Staehler, R.E.; Yokelson, B.J.
1589-1598Stored Program Controlled Network: Generic Network PlanLawser, J.J.; LeCronier, R.E.; Simms, R.L.
1599-1609Stored Program Controlled Network: Routing of Direct-Signaling Messages in the CCIS NetworkFrerking, R.F.; McGrew, M.A.
1611-1636Stored Program Controlled Network: No. 1/1A ESS - SPC Network Capabilities and Signaling ArchitectureGawron, L.J.; Lueders, S.J.; Moeller, K.L.
1637-1654Stored Program Controlled Network: CCIS and SPC Network PerformanceDavis, E.A.; Funk, C.J.; Sebeson, J.M.
1655-1673Stored Program Controlled Network: Calling Card Service - Overall Description and Operational CharacteristicsBasinger, R.G.; Berger, M.; Prell, E.M.; Ransom, V.L.; Williams, J.R.
1675-1714Stored Program Controlled Network: Calling Card Service - TSPS Hardware, Software, and Signaling ImplementationConfalone, D.E.; Rogers, B.W.; Thornberry, R.J. Jr.
1715-1735Stored Program Controlled Network: Calling Card Service - Human Factors StudiesEigen, D.J.; Youngs, E.A.
1737-1744Stored Program Controlled Network: 800 Service Using SPC Network CapabilitySheinbein, D.; Weber, R.P.
1745-1757Stored Program Controlled Network: 800 Service Using SPC Network Capability - Network Implementation and Administrative FunctionsHaas, C.W.; Salerno, D.C.; Sheinbein, D.
1759-1777Stored Program Controlled Network: Data Base Administration System - Overall Description and Operational CharacteristicsBarrere, R.G.; Delatore, J.P.; Lurtz, J.W.; Piereth, R.J.; Rubald, C.M.
1779-1797Stored Program Controlled Network: Data Base Administration System - Architecture and Data Base DesignSampson, S.F.; Tietz, D.W.
1799-1803Acronyms and Abbreviations 
1805-1815Contributors to this Issue 
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