Bell System Technical Journal, v61: i6 July-August 1982

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
935-948Electromagnetic Propagation in Homogeneous Media With Hermitian Permeability and PermittivityBergmann, E.E.
949-968A Primal Algorithm For Finding Minimum-Cost Flows in Capacitated Networks With ApplicationsMonma, C.L.; Segal, M.
969-979Improved Reconstruction of DPCM-Coded PicturesNetravali, A.N.; Bowen, E.G.
981-1001An Improved Training Procedure for Connected-Digit RecognitionRabiner, L.R.; Bergh, A.; Wilpon, J.G.
1003-1077Simulation and Design Studies of Digital Subscriber LinesAhamed, S.V.
1079-1081Contributors to this Issue 
1083-1091Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
1095-1096Automated Repair Service Bureau: PrefaceSchenker, L.; Barbera, S.J.
1097-1114Automated Repair Service Bureau: EvolutionBoggs, P.S.; Bowker, M.W.; Overstreet, E.A.; Vetter, R.W. Jr.
1115-1129Automated Repair Service Bureau: System ArchitectureMartin, R.L.
1131-1151Automated Repair Service Bureau: Data Base SystemFranklin, C.M.; Vogler, J.F.
1153-1163Automated Repair Service Bureau: The Trouble Report Evaluation and Analysis ToolRhodes, S.P.; Dickert, L.S.
1165-1176Automated Repair Service Bureau: The Front-End SystemChappell, S.G.; Henig, F.H.; Watson, D.S.
1177-1195Automated Repair Service Bureau: Software Tools and ComponentsBergeron, R.F.; Rochkind, M.J.
1197-1208Automated Repair Service Bureau: The Context-Sensitive Switch of the Loop Maintenance Operations SystemHoltman, J.P.
1209-1234Automated Repair Service Bureau: Mechanized Loop Testing Strategies and TechniquesUhrhane, F.J.
1235-1256Automated Repair Service Bureau: Mechanized Loop Testing DesignDale, O.B.; Robinson, T.W.; Theriot, E.J.
1257-1274Automated Repair Service Bureau: Second-Generation Mechanized Loop Testing System - A Distributed Microprocessor ApplicationRubin, H.
1275-1291Automated Repair Service Bureau: Cable Repair Administrative SystemBoggs, P.S.; Mashey, J.R.
1293-1299Automated Repair Service Bureau: Human Performance Design TechniquesLeonard, G.H.; Zielinski, J.E.
1301-1312Automated Repair Service Bureau: Two Examples of Human Performance Analysis and Design in Planning the ARSBGauthier, R.F.; Harris, W.A.
1313-1323Automated Repair Service Bureau: On-line Documentation: Mechanizing Development, Delivery, and UseGlushko, R.J.; Bianchi, M.H.
1325-1344Automated Repair Service Bureau: Economic EvaluationOverstreet, E.A.
1345-1347Acronyms and Abbreviations 
1349-1357Contributors to this Issue 
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