Bell System Technical Journal, v61: i5 May-June 1982

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
661-683Integral Representations and Asymptotic Expansions for Closed Markovian Queueing Networks: Normal UsageMcKenna, J.; Mitra, D.
685-707Parasitic Insensitive, Biphase Switched Capacitor Filters Realized With One Operational Amplifier Per Pole PairLaker, K.R.; Fleischer, P.E.; Ganesan, A.
709-745Moment Formulae for a Class of Mixed Multi-Job-Type Queueing NetworksHeffes, H.
747-764Adaptive Intra-Interframe DPCM CoderPirsch, P.
765-797Human Performance Engineering Considerations for Very Large Computer-Based Systems: The End UserYavelberg, I.S.
799-810Graphic Displays of Combined Presentations of Acoustic and Articulatory InformationMiller, J.E.; Fujimura, O.
811-8131A Voice Storage System: Voice Storage in the Network - Perspective and HistoryNussbaum, E.
815-8191A Voice Storage System: PrologueBergland, G.D.; Hartwell, W.T.; Smith, G.W. Jr.
821-8391A Voice Storage System: New Custom Calling ServicesWorrall, D.P.
841-8611A Voice Storage System: Architecture and Physical DesignCornell, R.G.; Smith, J.V.
863-8831A Voice Storage System: SoftwareGates, G.W.; Kranzmann, R.F.; Whitehead, L.D.
885-9111A Voice Storage System: Office Engineering, Maintenance, and ReliabilityBowman, P.W.; Kennedy, J.C.; VanDine, G.A.
913-914Acronyms and Abbreviations For Voice Storage System 
915-921Contributors to this Issue 
923-928Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
931-933B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Josephson Parallel MultiplierFulton, T.A.; Dunkleberger, L.N.
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