Bell System Technical Journal, v44: i7 September 1965

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1225-1228All-Weather Earth Station Satellite Communication AntennasCook, J.S.; Giger, A.J.
1229-1253The Triply-Folded Horn Reflector: A Compact Ground Station Antenna Design for Satellite CommunicationsGiger, A.J.; Turrin, R.H.
1255-1300The Open Cassegrain Antenna: Part I. Electromagnetic Design and AnalysisCook, J.S.; Elam, E.M.; Zucker, H.
1301-1319The Open Cassegrain Antenna: Part II. Structural and Mechanical EvaluationDenkmann, W.J.; Geyling, F.T.; Pope, D.L.; Schwarz, A.O.
1321-1338Mode Conversion in Circular WaveguidesNagelberg, E.R.; Shefer, J.
1339-1365Hydrodynamic Techniques for Study of Wind Effects on Antenna StructuresCoyne, K.N.
1367-1403Autotrack Control Systems for Antenna Mounts with Non-Orthogonal AxesNelson, W.L.; Cole, W.J.
1405-1451The T1 Carrier SystemFultz, K.E.; Penick, D.B.
1453-1486A Statistical Basis for Objective Measurement of Speech LevelsBrady, Paul T.
1487-1510Some Extensions of Nyquist's Telegraph Transmission TheoryGibby, R.A.; Smith, J.W.
1511-1519A Stable, Single-Frequency RF-Excited Gas Laser at 6328ACollinson, J.A.
1521-1524Contributors to this Issue 
1525-1528BSTJ Brief: Planar Epitaxial Silicon Schottky Barrier DiodesKahng, D.; Lepselter, M.P.
1528-1533BSTJ Brief: 4-gc Transmission Degradation Due to Ran at the Andover, Maine, Satellite StationGiger, A.J.
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