Bell System Technical Journal, v44: i6 July-August 1965

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
937-997A Survey of Bell System Progress in Electronic SwitchingHiggins, W.H.C.
999-1017Core Materials for Magnetic Latching Wire Spring RelaysGrau, T.G.; Spiegler, A.K.
1019-1030A Precise Measurement of the Gain of a Large Horn-Reflector AntennaHogg, D.C.; Wilson, R.W.
1031-1059A General Statistical Determination of Transmission Characteristics Applied to L MultiplexSuyderhoud, H.G.
1061-1122Capabilities of Bounded Discrepancy DecodingWyner, A.D.
1123-1138On the Reception of Binary Signals in the Presence of a Small Random DelaySchwartz, M.I.
1139-1164On the Accuracy of Loss EstimatesDescloux, A.
1165-1189Spectra of Digital FMAnderson, R.R.; Salz, J.
1191-1214On the Decomposition of Lattice-Periodic FunctionsGraham, R.L.
1215-1217Contributors to this Issue 
1219-1224B.S.T.J. Brief: Axis-Crossing Intervals of Rayleigh ProcessesRainal, A.J.
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