Bell System Technical Journal, v28: i2 April 1949

Table of Contents
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165-180A Carrier System for 8000-Cycle Program TransmissionLeconte, R.A.; Penick, D.B.; Schramm, C.W.; Wier, A.J.
181-195Delay Equalization of Eight-Kilocycle Carrier Program CircuitsDagnall, C.H.; Rounds, P.W.
196-220Band Pass Filter, Band Elimination Filter and Phase Simulating Network for Carrier Program SystemsFarkas, F.S.; Hallenbeck, F.J.; Stehlik, F.E.
221-238A Precise Direct Reading Phase and Transmission Measuring System for Video FrequenciesAlsberg, D.A.; Leed, D.
239-277Physical Principles Involved in Transistor ActionBardeen, J.; Brattain, W.H.
278-302Lightning Current Observations in Buried CableTrueblood, H.M.; Sunde, E.D.
303-314The Electrostatic Field in Vacuum Tubes with Arbitrarily Spaced ElementsBennett, W.R.; Peterson, L.C.
315-328Transconductance as a Criterion of Electron Tube PerformanceSlonczewski, T.
329-331Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors 
332-334Contributors to this Issue 
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