Bell System Technical Journal, v19: i3 July 1940

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
341-357Crosstalk in Coaxial Cables - Analysis Based on Short-Circuited and Open TertiariesGould, K.E.
358-384Crosstalk Between Coaxial Conductors in CableBooth, R.P.; Odarenko, T.M.
385-406Compressed Powered Molybdenum Permalloy for High Quality Inductance CoilsLegg, V.E.; Given, F.J.
407-420High Accuracy Heterodyne OscillatorsSlonczewski, T.
421-454Relations Between Attenuation and Phase in Feedback Amplifier DesignBode, H.W.
455-488Analysis of the IonosphereDarrow, Karl K.
489-491Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Authors 
492-493Contributors to this Issue 
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