Bell System Technical Journal, v19: i2 April 1940

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
161-208Advances in Carrier Telegraph TransmissionMatte, A.L.
209-220Electrical Drying of Telephone CableWade, L.G.
221-248Electrical Wave Filters Employing Crystals with Normal and Divided ElectrodesMason, W.P.; Sykes, R.A.
249-261The Coronaviser, an Instrument for Observing the Solar Corona in Full SunlightSkellett, A.M.
262-266Lead-Tin-Arsenic Wiping SolderSchumacher, Earle E.; Phipps, G.S.
267-289Nuclear FissionDarrow, Karl K.
290-305A Solution for Faults at Two Locations in Three-Phase Power SystemsVaage, E.F.
306-335A Single Sideband Musa Receiving System for Commercial Operation on Transatlantic Radio Telephone CircuitsPolkinghorn, F.A.
336-337Abstracts of Technical Papers by Bell System Authors 
338-339Contributors to this Issue 
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