Bell System Technical Journal, v3: i3 July 1924

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
353-392Electrical Tests and Their Applications in the Maintenance of Telephone TransmissionHarden, W.H.
393-399A Generalization of the Reciprocal TheoremCarson, John R.
400-408The Transmission Unit and Telephone Transmission Reference SystemsMartin, W.H.
409-413Practical Application of the Recently Adopted Transmission UnitSmith, C.W.
414-467Impedance of Loaded Lines, and Design of Simulating and Compensating NetworksHoyt, Ray S.
468-494Some Contemporary Advances in Physics-IVDarrow, Karl K.
495-507Some Very Long Telephone Circuits of the Bell SystemNance, H.H.
508-524Vacuum Tube Oscillators-A Graphical Method of AnalysisHorton, J.W.
525-528Abstracts of Technical Papers 
529-530Contributors To This Issue 
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