Bell System Technical Journal, v3: i1 January 1924

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-42Relays in the Bell SystemShackleton, S.P.; Purcell, H.W.
43-87Some Applications of Statistical Methods to the Analysis of Physical and Engineering DataShewhart, W.A.
88-99Deviation of Random Samples from Average Conditions and Significance to Traffic MenMolina, E.C.; Crowell, R.P.
100-144Photomicrography and Technical Microscopy in Its Application to Telephone ApparatusLucas, Francis F.
145-157A Clock-Controlled Tuning Fork as a Source of Constant FrequencyFerguson, J.G.
158-178Some Contemporary Advances in Physics-IIDarrow, Karl K.
179-180Contributors to this issue 
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