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198812_VM Software Fee Schedule.pdf2011-02-18 20:56 95K
199100_CONSUL Mainframe Security Overview.pdf2011-02-18 20:58 275K
198605_VMSECURE Quick Reference.pdf2011-02-18 18:34 411K
000000_Auditing Top Secret Overview.pdf2011-02-18 20:49 501K
198501_Access Control Facility Overview.pdf2011-02-18 20:51 757K
198402_MAJOR COMPONENTS OF AN ACF2-PROTECTED SYSTEM.pdf2011-02-18 20:50 871K
199100_CONSUL RACF Sample Output.pdf2011-02-18 20:58 935K
000000_MVS Secured using CA-ACF2.pdf2011-02-18 20:49 1.1M
199005_AUTOMATING THE AUDIT OF RACF PROFILES.pdf2011-02-18 20:57 1.8M
198601_Access Control Facility Release 4 Enhancement Summary.pdf2011-02-18 20:52 3.1M
199300_BoKs Release Notes and Getting Started Guide.pdf2011-02-18 20:59 3.1M
198804_CA-ACF2 Audit Overview.pdf2011-02-18 20:55 3.6M
198501_Access Control Facility IMPLEMENTATION PLANNING GUIDE.pdf2011-02-18 20:50 3.8M
198812_VM Software Newsletter.pdf2015-05-14 01:21 4.2M
198601_VM Secure Users Guide.pdf2011-02-18 20:53 4.4M
198501_Access Control Facility General Information Manual.pdf2011-02-18 19:56 4.4M
198601_Access Control Facility Composite Index.pdf2011-02-18 20:51 4.7M
198501_Access Control Facility Auditor's Guide.pdf2011-02-18 21:43 5.1M
198610_ACF2 Reporting System Reference Card.pdf2020-11-16 23:27 5.3M
198806_What About VM Security.pdf2011-02-18 20:56 9.0M
198601_Access Control Facility UTILITIES MANUAL.pdf2011-02-18 21:29 9.8M
199300_BoKS Administration.pdf2011-02-18 20:59 12M
199110_CONSUL RACF User Reference Manual.pdf2011-02-18 20:59 13M
198601_Access Control Facility Administrators Guide.pdf2011-02-18 20:48 15M
198410_Access Control Facility Training Class.pdf2011-02-18 23:31 22M
000000_RACF Overview.pdf2011-02-18 20:49 26M

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